October 2, 2022

Apart from fire, human beings considered electricity as their greatest discovery. In the 21st century, electricity is used in every moment of our life. Electricity is used in different places. Starting from morning to night, the appliances we use run on electricity. In the morning we use electrical appliances, like an electric trimmer, toothbrush, mixer grinder, etc. In the office, we use an air conditioner, CCTV, cameras, computers, laptops printers, etc. Finally, at night we use electric bulbs, fans, television, and other appliances. Even while traveling, we have the option of electric trains, trams, buses, and other electric vehicles. All the appliances and vehicles running on electricity has electric batteries, which are the sources of power. In the 21st century, consumers are shifting from non-renewable-based sources to renewable-based, due to increasing prices of crude oil and natural gas. People prefer battery recyclers to battery dumpers.

In economics, we have learned the price of an article is directly proportional to its demand, keeping the supply constant. In addition, the demand is affected by the lifestyle of the person. We are shifting from, non-eco-friendly energy to clean to eco-friendly energy. The demand for electric batteries is bigger and bigger. As a result, the quantity of electrical waste gets bigger. So we need to understand the need for recycling batteries.

  • Business opportunity:

    in the materialistic world the importance of money is imminent. Some prefer services as a means of earning money, whereas else few look for business opportunities. Due to the government initiative, the reproduction of electrical components like electrical batteries has increased. So when the types of equipment break down, we throw them in the garbage. So the number of waste batteries get increases, which pollutes the environment. In these scenarios, some view it as a source of pollution and some get business ideas. These batteries can be recycled and used again. In this way, businesses expand.

  • Preventing land and water pollution:

    it is known that electric batteries are created with items hazardous in nature. So the above method of recycling and reutilizing the batteries needs to be followed. The toxic chemicals and the heavy metals are items of a waste battery. When these batteries are dumped, without the proper process. It will lead to land pollution and further water pollution. The vegetation around those areas gets infected. Further, when these chemicals are exposed to water sources, create water pollution. It affects aquatic animals and people consuming water from it. So if we reduce and reuse the wested batteries it will prevent land and water pollution.

  • Helps to prevent fire from an explosion:

    the in and out we hear terrible news of batteries catching fire in electrical vehicles. Due to some problems in manufacturing the batteries caught on fire. It’s observed due to changes in heat and, light the batteries get s under fire and explodes. In other scenarios, the wasted batteries are thrown in the garbage, exposing them to frequent changes in heat and light. In landfill areas, these wasted batteries get on fire and explode. This increases the chances of explosion. The alternative to prevent such accidents is by recycling these batteries and utilizing them. It reduces the possibility of such accidents.

  • Non-renewable items, for reusing:

    the batteries utilized in the production of electric batteries, items include lithium silver, lead, Cobalt, Mercury, etc. These items are nonrenewable resources. So we should grab the opportunity of reducing and recycling electric batteries. On the other hand, there is a possibility of recycling infinity for reuse. Since these materials are crucial and can be recycled multiple times. The need for recycling batteries increases. It leads to reduce the amount of electrical waste. Few of the materials can be multiple recycles.

  • A method of stabilizing the price of batteries:

    economics teaches the relationship between demand and supply, which increases the price of an article. Prices of the batteries will increase with the decrease in supply and decrease with the increase in supply. We know an increase in demand for electric batteries, and the price of these batteries increases exponentially. If we recycle these wasted electrical batteries and utilize them, readymade new electric batteries will decrease and the price will come to a limit. In addition, it will prevent soil pollution and water pollution. The materials can be reused, in manufacturing new electrical batteries. It will act as a catalyst to reduce the price of an article.

  • Expenses reduction with local authorities:

    It is the job of local authorities to keep the area clean. In addition, these workers a paid by the government through our taxes. Let’s assume you are living with your grandparents in the locality. In the early morning, you learned the news of a dead cat in a locality. So you will inform the incident of the locality administration. It is the job performed by the local administration. It’s to clean the area and remove a dead body from the locality. So, if the booster batteries are not dumb properly, it will lead to land pollution, and water pollution. The alternative to prevent such accidents is recycling these batteries and using them. It reduces the possibility of such accidents. The toxic chemicals are leaked, below the surface level, which similarly pollutes the underground water. So reducing and utilizing the wasted waste can help people to maintain a healthy life. It will help the local authorities to reduce their expenses.

  • Employment opportunity:

    the importance of clean water is known to all. In addition, due to governments’ promotion of cleaner energy, the demand for electric batteries is increased. Due to the program of Atma nirbhar Bharat, electric appliances are produced, in larger numbers. On the other hand, people develop new business ideas of recycling wasted electrical batteries and resale them. The approaches will provide an opportunity for employment for both skilled and unskilled.


The need or the importance of recycling batteries is important from the above pointers. It helps to open the scope for business and reduces the expenditure of local authorities to prevent the electrical batteries from being exploded.

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